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This is a government computer system. Unauthorized access is prohibited. Anyone using this system is subject to monitoring. Unauthorized access or attempts to use, alter, destroy, or damage data, programs or equipment could result in criminal prosecution. 

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Nonpublic Curriculum Reporting System 2016-2017 - now open - DUE DATE: February 28
The "Nonpublic Curriculum Reporting System 2016-2017" opened January 9. This report is required for all Nonpublic Systems. DUE DATE: February 28. Audit window close date is March 15. 

CDC - Medicaid in Public Schools
There have been updates on the procedure codes from CMS effective January 1, 2017. This WILL affect how you submit claims! For Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy the units are now TIMED units. For PT the code will be 97161 and it is for 20 minutes and for OT the code will be 97165 and it is for 30 minutes. (Partial Units cannot be billed.) For example, if you give a student PT for 40 minutes you will bill for 2 units. Another example is if you provide OT for 60 minutes you will bill for two units. Please note that Speech therapy has NOT changed! This is still occurrence based and you can bill a max of one unit per day that therapy is delivered. On the note of the use of para-professionals in the schools to deliver services, para-professionals can perform therapies ONLY under the supervision of a licensed therapist. If a para-professional performs a therapy, please submit the units under the T code. The T code is an occurrence based code. This means you can bill a max of one unit per day that therapy is delivered. If you have questions concerning this information, you will need to contact Jennifer Irvine at DHHS. Phone: 402-471-5234 or Email: jennifer.irvine@nebraska.gov Please do not contact the NDE Help Desk concerning this information, as they will not be able to help you.  

The Grants Management System (GMS) is no longer available through the NDE Portal. Please access the New GMS site at https://nde.mtwgms.org/NDEGMSWEBv02/logon.aspx A New GMS User Guide can be found on the GMS webpage to provide additional assistance to users in accessing the new GMS environment: https://www.education.ne.gov/gms2/index.html  

NDE Bulletin
The NDE Bulletin is sent out each week with current and upcoming information from NDE regarding data reporting. It is sent automatically to your email if you have an NDE Portal account with a specific activation code added. If you do not receive the NDE Bulletin directly and wish to receive them, please contact the NDE Helpdesk at nde.helpdesk@nebraska.gov. Current and past NDE Bulletins are available on the main NDE Website www.education.ne.gov  

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District Administrators   

If you or any of your staff leave a District or a School, it is your responsibility to manage the access of your district personnel to any and all Data Collections, GMS, and Staff and Student Record Systems. The District Administrator needs to review the list of users within their district for the new school year, and remove users as needed.

Please read the new help documentation available on the Help tab under 'District Administrator Responsibilities,' or click here.

Remember, our Help Desk can be reached by calling toll free at 888-285-0556 or at our local number 402-471-3151. You can also send an email to nde.helpdesk@nebraska.gov