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This is a government computer system. Unauthorized access is prohibited. Anyone using this system is subject to monitoring. Unauthorized access or attempts to use, alter, destroy, or damage data, programs or equipment could result in criminal prosecution. 

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Collection Announcements  Help 

NonPublic Membership and NonPublic Dropout - Due: October 15
The NonPublic Membership and NonPublic Dropout reports are now available in the Consolidated Data Collections (CDC). These reports are due October 15. 

2014 Budget Form LC-2. Open: June 19 Due: September 20
The School District Budget LC-2 became available June 19. For more information, please contact Janice Eret at 402-471-2248 or janice.eret@nebraska.gov. This collection is due September 20. 

2014-2015 Career Education State Grant - Open: August 27 Due: October 10
The 2014-2015 Career Education State Grant application is now available in the GMS Wednesday, August 27, 2014 for those districts that have been pre-approved to receive these funds. For information regarding this grant, please contact Rich Katt at 402-471-4808 or e-mail rich.katt@nebraska.gov. This application is due to NDE October 10, 2014. 

2014-2015 SPED Collaborative Grant - Open: August 1 Due: October 15
The 2014-2015 SPED Collaborative Grant application became available in the GMS Friday, August 1, 2014. For information regarding this grant, please contact Lindy Foley at 402-471-2471 or e-mail lindy.foley@nebraska.gov This grant is due to NDE October 15, 2014. 

2014-2015 Staff Reporting - Due: September 15
The 2014-2015 Staff Reporting is now open and available on the Portal under the "Student & Staff (NSSRS)" tab. Public, NonPublic, State Operated and Interim Programs (Rule 18) should report. Options for submission are online entry and upload. There are TWO NEW FIELDS FOR 2014-2015: ELECTRONIC MAIL ADDRESS (field 27) and PRIMARY SUBJECT AREA (28). See Staff Instruction Manual for details.  

2015-2016 LEP/Poverty Plans and LC LEP/Poverty Plans - Open: July 28 Due: October 15
The 2015-2016 LEP/Poverty Plans and LC LEP/Poverty Plans became available in the GMS Monday, July 28, 2014. For information regarding these plans, please contact Bryce Wilson at 402-471-3323 or e-mail bryce.wilson@nebraska.gov. This application is due to NDE October 15, 2014. 

Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) - collections open
The CDC collections are now open for Fall collections. Please refer to the CDC Calendar or the NDE Bulletin for details on open collections and due dates. 

How to contact the NDE Helpdesk
There are three ways to contact the NDE Helpdesk. All three ways get to the same place, so PLEASE ONLY USE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS. Multiple requests may delay our response as we coordinate all requests. (1) Submit a "Helpdesk Request" from your portal account. After logging into the NDE Portal, it is available in the upper right corner of the Collection Annoucement page. (2) Email: nde.helpdesk@nebraska.gov (3) Call Toll Free 888-285-0556. ALSO, if you have contacted your area's NDE Trainer or NDE Program staff, please do not also contact the NDE Helpdesk - Duplicate requests will delay a response back to you as we coordinate the requests. Thank You!  

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District Administrators   

If you or any of your staff leave a District or a School, it is your responsibility to manage the access of your district personnel to any and all Data Collections, GMS, and Staff and Student Record Systems. The District Administrator needs to review the list of users within their district for the new school year, and remove users as needed.

Please read the new help documentation available on the Help tab under 'District Administrator Responsibilities,' or click here.

Remember, our Help Desk can be reached by calling toll free at 888-285-0556 or at our local number 402-471-3151. You can also send an email to nde.helpdesk@nebraska.gov